The idea of serving the people of Goa was conceived by the Capuchins as early as 1936.The idea was materialized only in 1941 when they pitched their tent on the outskirts of Mapusa (Karasko). They were planning to build their residence at Peddem when Fr. Hippolito da Luna(1909-1942) who was director of "Collegio de Santo Antonio"(a boarding school) approached the Capuchins and offered to hand over to them the school, boarding, Chapel and adjoining property on the hill. Since Monte de Guirim had a long Franciscan history behind it (Most of Bardez was under the Franciscans from 15th to 17th century) the Capuchins readily accepted it. They took over the school in May 1942.


The aim of the institution is to afford to the youth of Goa, and India at large, sound and quality and all-round education by offering a complete course in literary, moral, religious, emotional and physical education. This school is open to all, irrespective of caste



AD ARDUA-Towards higher, greater achievements, through hard work. Facilities for all-round development of the students are provided to enable them to attain the aspirants spelled out in the motto.



Every year 67 students get scholarships and 90 freeships are offered to deserving students. Besides a number of incentives are provided by the school for achievers in various disciplines.



Hail Mount of ages hail to thee 

Thou glistening gem thou Goa's pride

The hale resort of youthful glee

Is found within thy sheltering side

True home where all that's good and kind

Delights our hearts and charms the mind

Another spot we students grind

Alike to thee will never find.



 Come strong and sprightly pupils bold

Let Monteguards of Guirim mount

Whose hearts are cast in virtue's mould

Drink deep of this Franciscan fount

(Of peace and good in sweet accord

To live and toil for land and Lord.)


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