Past Pupil Association


The Past Pupils felt that they should give back something to their Alma Mater and followed up on the deliberations of the A.G.M. by deciding to undertake projects for renovation, expansion and up-gradation of the existing infrastructure within the campus.

Monte de Guirim Past Pupil Association is what the alumni association of St. Anthonys High School calls itself. It was founded in 1967 under the initiative of then Headmaster Fr. Arnold from the year 1969 till 1974 the association was dormant.

However, in 1975 the association was resuscitated by Head Master Fr. Terence Dsouza and various cultural and sports activities were conducted till 1978 when again another period of dormancy began.

In 1985 with Headmaster Fr. Joel Pinto as President ably supported by Mr. Anil Walwalkar as Vice-President, Carl Dsouza as Secretary and Anthony Nogueira as Treasurer the association was revived yet again. That year the present constitution was adopted and the association was registered under the Registration of Society Act 1860.

In 1993 the association was at the forefront of planning, organizing and funding the entire programme and activities during the Golden Jubilee year.

In 1996, Fr. Felix Ferrao took up the Presidentship of the Past Pupils Association and kept the activities going.  Annual meetings and celebration were conducted regularly.  

In 1999, Fr. Paul Alvares occupied the Presidentship of the Past Pupil’s Association.  During this time the project of building a new wing for the school was taken up.  The Past Pupil’s Association conducted a fund drive to raise a part of the funds required for the project. Fetes and other activities were organized for the purpose. The first ever Dine n Dance was held in 2004 which brought many ex students together.



 The following   Executive Committee was elected to run the affairs of the Past Pupil’s Association for the year  2016 to 2018 at the A.G.M held on 28th August 2016.


01. Fr. Santan Romeo Fernandes    -        President (Ex.  Officio)
02. Mr. Stephen Fernandes. Anjuna -       Vice President
03. Mr. Antonio D'Souza, Ribandar  -      General Secretary
04. Mr. Joseph D'Mello, Sangolda    -      Treasurer
05. Mr. Salvador Fernandes, Guirim -      Member

06. Mr. Victor Fernandes                 -       -do-

07. Mr. Albert Gouveia                    -       -do-

08. Mr. Joaquim Fernandes              -       -do-

09. Mr. Peter D'Souza,                    -       -do-

10. Mr. Jose  Anthon Fernandes       -       -do-

11. Mr. Anthony Monserate              -      -do-

12. Mr. Jonathan Zuzarte                 -      -do-

13. Mr. Aaron Paul Fernandes           -      -do-

14. Prof. Edward D’lima.                   -      -do-

15. Ms Reshma Bangalorekar            -      -do-

16. Mr. Jose Colaco                          -      -do-

17. Mr. Alex Alvares                         -      -do-

18. Mr. Vincente Fonseca                  -      -do-

19. Mr. Fabiano D’souza                   -       -do-

20. Mr. Cosme Cardozo                    -       -do-


            At the moment the Committee is planning for the upcoming event of the annual gathering to be organized on 19th December 2016. Your active support for the event is awaited. We invite ex. students from all round the world to join us for this event in one way or the other.




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