Every year, Monte looks forward to the most exciting competition of the year, the “Nightingale of Monte”. After the Preliminary Round held on the 20th of July,2017, eight participants from each category i.e. Senior and Junior were chosen to participate in the Finals which was held on the 28th of July 2017 at 9 a.m. in the school hall. Each student was given the challenge of singing a song in three different languages i.e., English, Hindi and Konkani. Based on their performance, the participants were judged for the overall title. The “Nightingale of Monte” Senior title was bagged by Ms. Elly D’Souza and the Junior title was obtained by Ms. Muskan Arlikatti. The judges for the competition were Mr.Lancer Pereira, Mr.Rahul Naik and Ms. Alisha Rodrigues. The competition was organized by Tr. Mercy Coelho, Tr. Annabel Lobo e Fernandes, Mr. William D’souza and Fr. Michael Albuquerque.