A monologue is a means of expressing thoughts and emotions. Our students of Std. V – VII expressed their thoughts on different topics. This Inter Class competition was held on 30th June 2017. The winners are : Std. V 1. Ms. Janvi Morajkar 2. Ms. Lavisha Salgaokar 3. Ms. Maryann D’Silva Std. VI 1. Mast. Sanil Harmalkar 2. Mast. Molu Kolapte 3. Mast. Omkar Mainath Std. VII 1. Ms. Anelly Lobo 2. Mast. Rick Serrao 3. Ms. Aloysha Fernandes Overall Winners 1. Ms. Janvi Morajkar (Std.V) 2. Ms. Anelly Lobo (Std.VII) 3. Mast. Rick Serrao (Srd. VII) Teachers In Charge : Ms. Indira C. Vaz, Ms. Anisha Azavedo & Ms. Cornelia Sequeira